STACEY REES has put together a series of limited prints of her 'Grampians Collection' series from her origional charcoal drawings.


'Grampians Boulders' is an archival print of my charcoal on paper series of the amazing textures and 'pre-historic' appeal of some of the amazing boulders found in the Grampians National Park in Victoria.

Right out by back door I'm able to wonder around the ever-changing bush finding the most intriguing rock formations and caves.

Grampians Boulders

  • Printed onto archival 300gsm cotton rag paper.

    Each has no borders (prints are full bleed images)

    and signed by the artist.


    The prints come in two sizes of A4 $30 and A2 $90 and unframed.


    Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for the delivery.

    It is highly recommended that the removal of the prints from the packaging should be done by a professional framer.


    We make sure that every print is handled with the greatest of care and do not allow for any imperfections to be passed on by either the printer or the artist when placed into the postal tube or flat pack.

    Any imperfections or creases are therefore not the responsibility of the artist.